Reap Advertiser Info

Last updated 10/29/2016

Reap Promo Pricing

Reap Promo pricing is calculated at the time of Promo creation, and based upon user-specified engagement constraints. Pricing for Facebook likes begins at $0.25 USD per like. Pricing for Facebook shares begins at $0.02 USD per friend (which is then multiplied the average number of friends per Reap Ambassador at the time of Promo creation). Average price per share is $12.75. Minimum Reap Promo transaction amount is $0.25 USD (equal to one (1) Facebook like).

Reap Promo pricing is subject to change at any time.

Refund Policy

Reap Promo sales and Gift Code sales are final and not subject to cash refund. In certain situations where Reap Ambassadors are unable to fulfill at least 75% of the amount of engagement specified in a paid Promo, partial refunds may be issued in the form of Reap Promo credit, at the discretion of Reap Pay, LLC.