Reap Ambassador Guidelines

1. Connecting through Facebook

Reap uses Facebook, in part, to verify a user’s identity. Providing the Reap Facebook app with sufficient privileges to do so is required to participate in Reap as a Brand Ambassador. Reap also requires that the Reap Facebook app have an “App visibility and post audience” which is set to “Friends” or “Public”. Any other visibility settings will prevent a user from continuing to earn for content engagement.

Learn more about managing the Reap Facebook application settings:

To participate as a Reap Brand Ambassador, users must meet the following minimum Facebook account qualifications:

  • Users must have and maintain a minimum of fifty (50) Facebook friends

Reap may not be available in every country.

2. Managing your Reap account

Getting paid for using Reap is simple through the Manage Account page found in the menu visible by clicking your Facebook profile picture. Be sure to keep your address updated and choose how you’d like to be paid.

Ambassador payments will be processed on the 1st of each month for any engagements which have been verified in the previous month. Engagement verification can take up to 24 hours.

Engagement activity as well as Reap notifications can also be found on the Manage Account Page.

3. Engaging in content

Brand Ambassadors earn money by engaging in Reap Advertiser content, which can be found in the content feed, available by clicking the “Earn” or “Earn Money” tab in the Reap application. The following rules apply to content engagement:

  • A user may share Facebook content no more than once every four (4) hours, and no more times per twenty-four (24) hour period than is allowed by their Ambassador Level.
  • A user may like content no more times per twenty-four (24) hour period than is allowed by their Ambassador Level.
  • A user may not share the same content more than one time.
  • A user may not like the same content more than one time.

Engaging in content must be done by using the green buttons found below each advertiser post. Liking and sharing that content in any other manner, including directly through Facebook or by using the white or blue “Like”, “Share”, or “Comment” buttons below the content will not result in a user being credited by Reap for the engagement and may prevent a user from having the opportunity to engage in that content for Reap credit at a later time.